please i send before a issue about merge patches.. libpng 1.4 its only in few linux dist, only the win-alike dist..

debian, slack, funtoo, win-buntu, debian-derivatives and some small dont use yet libpng 1.4 , the amount of users that use tde 3.5.1X dont are win-hat, win-suse or lasted slackware, its commonly debian or win-.buntu users..

libpng patches must use a -D macro definet to use nwer or older version alternate!

or this patch must be inplemented outside normal release of qt3. by example in every specific distribution as Arch do in the kde3 alternate proyect.

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Baho Utot <baho-utot@...> wrote:
On 04/28/2011 12:49 PM, PICCORO McKAY Lenz wrote:
Hi Hello! everyone.

in this fashion API changes these days, I found that debian and
winbuntu old lasted revisions, has old libpng 1.2, especialy lenny
with 1.2.22, which means that the patchs for libpng 1.4 support on qt3
for trinity can make impossible compile into Debian squeeze, testing
inlcusive, as win-buntu 9.XX, it should be modified to use a macro
-LIB_PNG_14 or something similar .. I do not remember how to work with
this but if I can do for the weekend..

If some body can do that , please change the patch for use optionaly
both library versions...

If i can resolve all issues, i do a qt3 3.3.c tar gzipped release
alternate for ready download in public, for easy acces to novice

I have libpng 1.4.5-1 installed and this patch for qt3 works for me

--- src/kernel/qpngio.cpp.orig    2010-01-16 22:02:41.000000000 +0100
+++ src/kernel/qpngio.cpp    2010-01-16 22:03:56.000000000 +0100
@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@
        image.setColor( i, qRgba(c,c,c,0xff) );
        if ( png_get_valid(png_ptr, info_ptr, PNG_INFO_tRNS) ) {
-        const int g = info_ptr->trans_values.gray;
+        const int g = info_ptr->trans_color.gray;
        if (g < ncols) {
            image.setColor(g, image.color(g) & RGB_MASK);
@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@
-            info_ptr->trans[i]
+            info_ptr->trans_alpha[i]
@@ -321,9 +321,9 @@
 png_get_valid(png_ptr, info_ptr, PNG_INFO_tRNS)
    if (image.depth()==32 && png_get_valid(png_ptr, info_ptr, PNG_INFO_tRNS)) {
    QRgb trans = 0xFF000000 | qRgb(
-          (info_ptr-> << 8 >> bit_depth)&0xff,
-          (info_ptr-> << 8 >> bit_depth)&0xff,
-          (info_ptr-> << 8 >> bit_depth)&0xff);
+          (info_ptr-> << 8 >> bit_depth)&0xff,
+          (info_ptr-> << 8 >> bit_depth)&0xff,
+          (info_ptr-> << 8 >> bit_depth)&0xff);
    for (uint y=0; y<height; y++) {
        for (uint x=0; x<info_ptr->width; x++) {
        if (((uint**)jt)[y][x] == trans) {

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