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On 04/29/2011 11:12 AM, PICCORO McKAY Lenz wrote:
please i send before a issue about merge patches.. libpng 1.4 its only in few linux dist, only the win-alike dist..

   I use Arch it is bleeding edge and it has libpng 1.4
yes, no problem, but its only related as i explaint, others linux not yet implement libpng 1.4 , mayor example winbuntu woldwide used!
debian, slack, funtoo, win-buntu, debian-derivatives and some small dont use yet libpng 1.4 , the amount of users that use tde 3.5.1X dont are win-hat, win-suse or lasted slackware, its commonly debian or win-.buntu users..
? Can't grok the above
umm, its true, geento=linux as arch= wingeento
libpng patches must use a -D macro definet to use nwer or older version alternate!
sorry, i can explaint, my english its very worse.. i will explain later..  i hope i relase qt3 3.3.8c with libpng option compile settings!


Any way on Arch I use...
works for me
AND WORKS WELL , great job at arch ! and take carefully, the ftp of trolltech and accesss to will not exist forever! Nokia is a company and as suchget sell down double croos anyone for money, as example look, now uses Windows on their mobiles!

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