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Month: May 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] need more info about qt3 patches, for redone a tarball of tq3 3.3.8c

From: PICCORO McKAY Lenz <mckaygerhard@...>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 15:11:51 -0430
theres a refresh workaround  .. i consult htat reverification of
notifi Xrand , i applied that for comp backguard on minimal builds:

This patch replaces the old #0032 patch as actually just a workaround.
Taken from debian builds:

--- a/src/kernel/qapplication_x11.cpp
+++ b/src/kernel/qapplication_x11.cpp
@@ -3407,7 +3407,8 @@ int QApplication::x11ProcessEvent( XEven

 #ifndef QT_NO_XRANDR
-    if (event->type == xrandr_eventbase + RRScreenChangeNotify) {
+    if (event->type == xrandr_eventbase + RRScreenChangeNotify
+	|| ( event->type == ConfigureNotify && event->xconfigure.window ==
QPaintDevice::x11AppRootWindow())) {
 	// update Xlib internals with the latest screen configuration

On 5/10/11, /dev/ammo42 <mickeytintincolle@...> wrote:
> Le Tue, 10 May 2011 14:31:00 -0430,
> PICCORO McKAY Lenz <mckaygerhard@...> a �crit :
>> please help:
>> About the 67101 and 101516 (these dublicated of fisrt) The old qt-copy
>> patch #0032 seems was wrong, and the real problem is in the X server
>> as can i see ttps:// .
> Effectively, it seems to be a kludge.
> From man Xrandr:
>>The  XRRScreenChangeNotify  event  is  sent  to  clients  that
>>ask to be informed whenever the root window configuration changes.
>>Configuration changes may include resolution, physical size, subpixel
>>order (see XRender(3)), and rotation.  Note that changes to any or all
>>of  these  could occur due to external events (user control in the X
>>server, a different monitor/flat panel display being hot-plugged) and
>>is not only the result of a protocol/library request to the X server.
>> I should remove this patch, any body removed from ARCH or slak builds?
> I just removed it. Anyway, like every other qt-copy patch, it has never
> been included in Slackware, and it didn't prevent Slackware's KDE3 from
> working well. Keeping it would not introduce bugs, but just perhaps
> slow the library (but I don't think it would slow it much).
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