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Month: May 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Fwd: Polish translators needed?

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 21:03:55 -0400
On 30 May 2011 13:52, /dev/ammo42 <mickeytintincolle@...> wrote:
> Le Mon, 30 May 2011 19:12:24 +0200,
> Jacek Wielemborek <wielemborekj1@...> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I've just found out about the Trinity DE project. I haven't tested it
>> yet, though I'm wondering - do you need any Polish translators for
>> your project? I might be of help, provided it won't be too much work.
> Welcome to the Trinity project :)
> For now, Trinity seems to just use the KDE 3.5.10 translations, with
> just an update to the German translation (see
> They are not up to
> date, but the amount of new (and untranslated) strings is not huge, I
> found it out when using Trinity 3.5.12 in French :). BTW, for my part I
> could update the French translations. However, since the KDE translation
> guide from KDE3 advise testing the translated applications (for caption
> sizes in particular), I think it would be better to wait for the CMake
> transition to be done, to have a stable and reliable build of the
> current version, or even for the string freeze (Tim, is such a freeze
> planned for 3.5.13 ?).
>> Yours,
>> d33tah

I also agree,

We need to settle things down before we need translators, but there
shouldn't be all that much work translating.

Calvin Morrison