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Month: June 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Deprecate KOffice

From: Ilya Chernykh <anixxsus@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 03:48:42 +0400
On Monday 20 June 2011 03:19:17 Timothy Pearson wrote:

> > This depends on the perspective. KDE:KDE3 has much more applications
> > written for KDE3
> >  and from this point of view all KDE3 components tat are part of the
> > official distribution look as core.
> "Much more applications".  Curious then that the (large) Trinity userbase
> has not run into issues due to missing applications in Trinity itself.

I cannot comment on this. But note that say, Alt Linux includes many 
KDE3 apps besides Trinity.
> I submit that KDE:KDE3 is likely chock full of practically useless,
> stagnant applications that very few people even knew existed back when
> KDE3 was in use.

Well actually it turns out that KDE packages were spread and dispersed 
between multiple distros and no distro ever had even 50% of all available packages.
I would say that openSUSE had about 10% of all available KDE3 packages 
at KDE3's peak.

> What are you doing to keep KDE3 up to date?  What will you do when Qt3
> finally is completely useless/uncompilable on modern desktops? 

I don't think this is a near future. Note that both Qt3 and kdebase3 are parts of 
openSUSE now and for the forseeable future. They receive patches from Novell
employees. Anyway I am glad that such project as Trinity exists, which certifies
that KDE3 has its future.

> How are 
> you improving KDE3 by adding new features? 
> From what I can tell the 
> KDE:KDE3 maintainers are content to maintain a codebase that is not only
> cluttered, but is slowly growing stale and irrelevant, 

There are different packages of different value. I keep in the repo anything useful.
If an app was ported to Qt4 I consider it to be another application even if it has
the same name and higher version number because in many cases porting to Qt4 indeed 
requires complete rewriting with loss of function.

> just so that they 
> can claim to have "more appliations", which in and of itself is of dubious
> value.

So your choice is to drop anything step by step? Actually I appreciate the 
strategic moves that you do (porting to tqinteface, to cmake etc) but whether Trinity
will be of any value if it drops software that is around KDE?

> Not to be rude, but I have not seen much factual information from you,
> just a lot of unsubstantiated and/or dubious claims.  Please correct me if
> I am wrong.

What info do you want?