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Month: June 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Deprecate KOffice

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 10:20:51 -0500
> On Wednesday 22 June 2011 06:54:36 Tiago Marques wrote:
>> > I would have to agree with  Ilya Chernykh. While I do understand the
>> > undertaking required to keep it, life has shown me, nothing worth
>> > while, is ever easy. Becoming dependant on outside office suites,
>> > which are now becoming fragmented (project fragmentation is FOSS's
>> > kryptonite) is unwise.
>> >
>> >
>> That is not an issue provided that they are open to integration patches,
>> IMHO.
> I still yet have to see at least one integration patch to Open Office by
> the Trinity team.

So far the upstream KDE3 integration has been working just fine with no
changes.  And patches will be submitted to LibreOffice as well, when they
are necessary.

>> One always has the chance to fork that suite, integrate the patches
>> and supply ir to whoever wants that.
> Oh yes. This team is so huge that in can even fork Open Office.

And this is just plain silly.  Of course we are not going to fork OpenOffice!

What was probably meant was that we can supply patches for
OpenOffice/LibreOffice and build binaries ourselves if the main distros
will not build it with TDE support included.  That is a very different
concept than a fork.