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Month: June 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Deprecate KOffice

From: Ilya Chernykh <anixxsus@...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 06:45:59 +0400
On Friday 24 June 2011 06:18:02 Timothy Pearson wrote:

> Then please be careful with your word choice.  What you have written here
> in the past has, from a native English speaker's point of view, sounded
> very antagonistic and competitive.
> >
> >> combined with the
> >> rejection/criticism of our ideas with absolutely no alternatives
> >> presented
> >> or suggestions made.
> >
> > Well an alternative to dropping KOffice is porting ODF support
> > from KDE4's KOffice. Do you like this idea? You said you have much of
> > resources even to reimplement
> > KDE3 support in Libre Office if it completely changes its interface, so
> > adding ODF would be just as
> > to swat a moquito, won't it?
> Here is another example of what I mentioned above.  Whether you realize it
> or not, the way this statement is phrased it is rather insulting.  How an
> average English-speaking individual might read this would be as follows:
> "Since you claim to have so many resources (which I really don't think you
> do) then do what I suggested a long time ago, since I think it is terribly
> easy and cannot understand why it is so very hard for you to do."
> Is that really what you meant?  If not then please say so!  I had not
> considered that there may be a language issue here.

No, this was written with sarcasm. I know that porting ODF support from
KDE4 is uneasy. But it is of course easier than re-implementing KDE3 support in an office
suite starting from zero.

> To answer your question, yes, I think that is a good idea.  Would you like
> to try your hand at it?  I probably will not get around to doing so until
> the entire TQt4 port is complete and some of the open bugs have been
> addressed.

I also have much of the ongoing tasks. First of all it's adding more software
to reach at least 500 packages in KDE:KDE3. Then I will evaluate a possibility
to port Yast2 with Qt3 support from an older openSUSE release. Then I will
probably repair some broken default icon themes of KDE3 (i.e. iKons and so on),
then will probably look into some other annoying bugs of KDE3. I also
want to make the tray to use as much rows as the taskbar does.

There are multiple other tasks, for example, updating weather stations info
(i saw a report on the internet that the weather station for say, Novosibirsk is 
outdated and there was a patch but there is some way to automatize this 
updating actually).

> The project is currently somewhat swamped; once the TQt4 port is complete
> and CMake support has been added, we have enough developer resources to
> keep things moving along quickly.  However, we are still in the middle of
> those two operations and so are not able to absorb as many of the
> miscellaneous tasks (such as gcc 4.6 compilation repairs, .odf support,
> etc.) as you or I would like.  Any help is much appreciated during this
> transitional period.