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Month: July 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] [PATCH master 1/1] openssl1.patch

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 13:26:36 -0500
> On Thursday 21 July 2011 10:07:17 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> Clicked "Send" a bit early..."use" above should be "us", and I also
>> forgot
>> to mention that Robert is pulling patches from that source already.
>> Thanks for sending the link in though.  If you want to help out, there
>> are
>> a lot of patches to go through to verify that they are not already in
>> the
>> Trinity sources.  Every little bit helps!
> I think the easiest way to determine it is to try to build Trinity using
> existing
> specs from openSUSE. The patches which will not be rejected could be added
> to Trinity.

So the OpenSUSE build system will continue even if a patch was already
applied, but still log the errors?  If so, that does sound like a good way
to determine what is applied and what is not.  Remember though that we
can't just apply all the patches blindly to the Trinity source, as some of
them are distribution specific.

Robert, would this make your life easier?