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Month: October 2011

kmozilla patches

From: Julius Schwartzenberg <julius.schwartzenberg@...>
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 23:56:18 +0200

Here are the patches needed to get the kmozilla code to work again. Note
that it was also quite buggy in its previous life and none of those
previous bugs have been looked at yet. These patches provide the minimum
to get the code compilable and displaying webpages again.

So here is a list of known issues:
- buttons like back, forward do not work
- progress indication seems broken
- some webpages load and then display a white screen

Here is a screenshot showing it works somewhat again:

To be able to compile the build files need adjustments as well, for
which I did not create patches. This basically comes down to adding
everything needed for GTK 2.0 (and it's dependencies like GLIB 2.0,
Cairo, Pango 1.0 and ATK 1.0) and XULRunner.
I did not look into details into the linking of the kmozilla binary, I
linked it against libxul and libxpcom to get it to find all its symbols,
but it seems there is a better way. There is more info here:

I developed the patches on 3.5.11 on a Lucid system. I couldn't easily
test the patches against the latest Subversion tree, but I make them
against it. So I hope I didn't forget anything....

I originally thought I couldn't do this. Thanks a lot to Timothy Pearson
& the others on IRC who helped me with this!!


PS: It seems the kdebindings_c_dcopc_fix_byteorder ifdefs are not
working as intended yet. It would be good to have a neater fix for this.
Also see: