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Month: June 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Oops! Exit status dialog image is KDE

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 18:59:36 -0700 (PDT)
> Has anybody tested exiting Trinity
> with different icon sets? The exit status dialog image looks
> great with the crystalsvg icon set.
> When used with other icons set the image is KDE rather than
> TDE. Oops! :-)
> Affected icon sets:
> kdeclassic
> kids
> monochrome
> slick
> Does anybody know which images the exit status dialog grabs
> so we can update the images?
> E. Liddell --- looks like your wonderful art talents will be
> needed again!

Whew! I tracked down which logo image files need updating. This list looks long, but close inspection reveals we need only update 6 images. The remainder can be created with rescaling and renaming. I will do that grunt work. :-)

E. Liddell: do you feel up to the task? You've done great artwork cleanup for us.

The basic master pattern is the crystalsvg image, which can be found here:


Here is the full list. Notice the files with arrows pointing to them are the highest resolution in each collection and the only ones needing updates (only six!). I listed the installed location first and the GIT location in parentheses.


-> ${PREFIX}/share/icons/mono/scalable/apps/go.svgz (tdeaccessibility/IconThemes/mono/scalable/apps/go.svgz)


-> ${PREFIX}/share/icons/kdeclassic/48x48/apps/go.png (tdeartwork/IconThemes/kdeclassic/48x48/apps/go.png)

-> ${PREFIX}/share/icons/kids/64x64/apps/go.png (tdeartwork/IconThemes/kids/64x64/apps/go.png)

-> ${PREFIX}/share/icons/ikons/48x48/apps/go.png (tdeartwork/IconThemes/ikons/48x48/apps)

-> ${PREFIX}/share/icons/Locolor/32x32/apps/go.png (tdeartwork/IconThemes/Locolor/32x32/apps/go.png)

-> ${PREFIX}/share/icons/slick/48x48/apps/go.png (tdeartwork/IconThemes/slick/48x48/apps/go.png)


The following icon images are exact duplicates of the previous set and do not need editing because they can be copied and renamed from the previous set.




Thanks much to whomever helps!