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Month: June 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Getting a stacktrace from systemsettings with the Ubuntu packages

From: Julius Schwartzenberg <julius.schwartzenberg@...>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 12:42:50 +0200
Darrell Anderson wrote:
> I don't have systemsettings installed on my Slackware system. I always assumed that was an Ubuntu-only package. Is that a bad presumption? Will that package install on Slackware? Where can I learn more about this package? What does this package provide that the normal kcontrol does not?

Yes it's Kubuntu's revised configuration panel. It was never upstreamed
back into KDE 3 as far as I'm aware. I would expect it to work fine on
any none-Ubuntu system however.

> Because of my presumption I never tested that package with the XDG updates. :-(
> During my testing I am aware of several dialogs with missing icons in the left-side icon list of modules. You might recall our conversations in this list with me trying to find hidden hard-coded references (bug report 892 has some of those conversations). Konqueror and the panel come to mind, although there were two or three others that displayed this behavior. Julius' description of systemsettings sounds exactly the same.
> The key to restoring missing icons is two-fold: 1) updating source code references to a "kde-*.desktop" file and 2) updating profile *desktop references of X-KDE -> X-TDE and KDE; -> TDE;.
> The changes in starttde are supposed to remedy the latter problems, but I will not pretend to be all-knowing and presume I know about all glitches caused by the XDG compliance updates. :-) . I suspect those starttde changes are working okay, but perhaps I missed one or two. Likely systemsettings has its own rc file and because I never tested, I would never have added updating snippets in starttde.
> Some of the keyboard problems reported could be related. I don't know. Julius:
> * Search the $TDEHOME profilerc file for occurrences of "kde-".
> * Search the khotkeysrc for occurrences of "kde-".
> * If systemsettings has its own rc file, then search that too for "kde-".

I'll be sure to keep a back-up of my profile and analyze it for more
instances of the KDE string.

> Please temporarily rename your $TDEHOME to force creating a new profile and then look for the same anomalies. During my testing I did that many times to test these many XDG updates. None should exist with a new profile, but I suspect anything related to systemsettings will be broken in a new profile.

I'll test it with a new user if I have a moment, but also see my comment
in the migration bug. It seems the cause behind my issues was indeed a
failed migration. Also see my comment in the migration bug about that.

> Some quick good news: A quick grep of the systemsettings sources reveals a slew of kde-*.desktop references:
> grep -rn kde\-[a-zA-Z0-9]*\.desktop applications/systemsettings
> Likely I need to update some of those. One of the quirks I discovered when I tested these updates was that not all such references need to be updated to tde-*.desktop. Blindly converting all such references caused its own set of unique breakage.
> Therefore I need a help to fix: I need screen grabs of what the systemsettings dialog looks like when functioning correctly and when broken. Would one of you post such screen grabs?

Here is an older screenshot:

It shouldn't look much different from that.

Best regards,