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Month: June 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] TQt3 Name Change - Potential Problem - what about apps that Need moc?

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 16:51:57 -0700 (PDT)
> I see the logic. My pinentry rebuild was trivial due
> to building on 3.5.12 with Qt3. Bottom line is all Qt3 reliant apps outside the
> TDE tree will need renaming to build against TQt3. Darrell - no, I have no
> list. It was really just a quirk that the question popped into my head. After it
> popped -- my thought was (a) how would a system install without dragging in Qt4
> dependencies if the package being installed had a Qt dependency but found no
> q_whatever file? and (b) how big is the list of files affected?
> I think from a practical standpoint we will just have
> to see which apps provide the dependency and go from there. While there may be
> no choice when faced with a favorite apps that only builds on Qt4 (there is
> a choice to install it or not), the desktop shouldn't force that choice.

Just about any choice we humans make eventually confronts the law of unintended consequences. Because all humans are and always will be creatures of limited knowledge, there is no way to avoid those results. Nobody can anticipate all reactions to any action we take. This is the natural structure of our lives (and why I don't embrace doctrines such as strict liability --- we don't live in a mechanized universe or in one with perfectly predictable certainties. But that is a topic for another forum and another day. :-) ).

So here we have a great idea of renaming the TQt3 executables to avoid conflicts with Qt4. We then discover that certain Qt3 related non Trinity apps will be affected. To resolve the problem a sym link might be sufficient for many people, while others might be more comfortable with a package-specific moc->tqmoc patch. A long shot is to contact the package maintainers and ask them to explicitly support TQt3. They might do just that --- if we provide the patches.

> After the TQt3 renaming, will it be possible to rebuild TQt3 & TDE with Qt4 installed.

I don't know. Haven't yet tried. That would be a nice side effect: we could eliminate needing to explicitly specify the "with-qt*" configure options.

You said pinentry is a gpg dependency. I don't knowingly use pinentry. Why does pinentry need to be built with GUI support? What are the benefits?