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Month: June 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Port gcc 4.7.1 patches into

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 01:54:29 +0200
On Thursday 28 of June 2012 22:23:11 Darrell Anderson wrote:
> >   That's excellent. Where can I get the -sru sources? I
> > was (in my spare time -- ha) going to apply and build the latest 3.5.13
> > on Arch with all the latest libs and gcc 4.7.1. Thinking through it,
> > libpng15 and gcc47 changes should be the only changes required. If you
> > can give me a link to the -sru sources, that would be great and cut down
> > on the tinkering I have to do.
> Slavek,
> If you provide a link to tarballs, I'll build packages here and
> test (Slackware).
> I believe a set of tarballs is best because then everybody who
> tests is building from the same source set, rather than trying to patch
> 3.5.13 sources with patches. If we release as a community then we
> need to all build from the exact same sources.
> We probably should have a punch list of what to test. Nothing extravagant
> but we need to know which specific bugs have been patched and what kind of
> test proves functionality. For example, if the kaffeine screen saver patch
> was backported, then we would need to test that the screen saver is
> controlled correctly by kaffeine.
> Darrell

David, Darrell,

I am glad for your interest. I will be very glad if you test compilation on 
your distributions. I was hoping we could then coordinate the SRU release, 
including packages for various distributions. Source packages are not yet 
available as a tarballs, but current state are available in the GIT as a 
branch named v3.5.13-sru - see for example:

There are several packages on which I currently work to "cherry-picking" 
patches, which I consider as necessary == inadvert tqt changes and gcc 4.7 

[    ]   tdebindings
[=   ]   tdesvn
[=   ]   tde-style-qtcurve
[    ]   rosegarden
[    ]   tqscintilla
[    ]   python-tqt
[    ]   python-trinity
[    ]   libqt-perl

Then I must go also through the tde-packaging...

It would be good to incorporate potential other necessary patches before the 
official release I know that now I have to incorporate several new 
patches - for example fixes for PNG images. To them I get soon...

By the way: BasKet I liked. But I miss the possibility to copy the selected 
notes to the clipboard directly as text - not as links to files.