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Month: June 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Possible corrupt/unviewable images

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 12:36:36 -0700 (PDT)
> > > tdegraphics/ksvg/test/tiger.svg
> This file appears to have been written by hand rather than
> saved by a vector editor and may be unidentifiable as SVG to some
> renderers, as it lacks a namespace statement or any linked DTDs or
> schemas.  If tiger2.svg was not also flagged, that is almost certainly
> the problem.  Open tiger.svg in a text editor, change the <svg> at
> the very beginning of the file to <svg xmlns=""> , and see if
> Imagemagick accepts it then.  If it doesn't, I would suggest deleting the
> file, as it's really the same image as tiger2 (the latter
> has been translated down and right so that the entire tiger head falls within
> the canvas, but that's the only material difference as far as I can tell).

Editing the file did the trick for identify. No complaints. :-)

That the tiger.svg image appears cut-off, as compared to tiger2.svg, probably is not a big deal, although to me, a tad odd.

I notice that none of the images become part of the final tdegraphics package. Thus, in hindsight (I hate hindsight :-)), that image probably was not a big deal. Still, a nice feeling that our files are not corrupt and viewable. :-)

I saved the edited tiger.svg pushed to GIT. Good enough. :-)

> applications/tdesvn/src/pics/hisc-action-tdesvnaddrecursive.svgz
> Re-saved this one for you.  If that doesn't help, I
> suspect the problem is either whatever spammed the Adobe namespace into the
> file, or the use of some fancy features (chained clones) and/or the over 600
> individual shapes the file contains (that text on the "document" pages?

Thanks for resaving. Strangely, identify still hangs with the resaved file too. I have no idea why that one file causes identify to hang. I waited at several minutes and the command prompt never reappeared in konsole. This is the only compressed svg in the entire source tree that does this.

> It's actual text, rendered as shapes, although I'm not sure I even want to
> know why the original artist had a Spanish-language document on the
> Atkins diet handy, or why they chose to C&P that instead of something
> remotely relevant like the text of the GPL . . .)

Yeah, now that I enlarge the image, kind of funny. What was up with that, I wonder? :-)

> Anyway, the visual I get from Inkscape matches hi64-action-tdesvnaddrecursive.png,
> so it's probably correct.
> If this doesn't fix it, best thing to do is probably replace
> the text with horizontal grey bars (it can't be read at icon-size
> anyway).  And not use clones.

Would you do that please? Or convert the text to "greek" text? Whichever is easiest!

Now that I ask that, I see two other svgz images have that same Atkins diet text. Those also probably should get converted to gray bars or "greek" text:


BTW, I just discovered a command line utility named ksvgtopng. Packaged as part of tdelibs. Works really slick. If you fix those three svgz files, I can update the associated png files quite easily. :-)

With respect to the remaining png files in my original list, I think they all are hopeless. No original upstream sources and nothing will allow even partial viewing. We have no clue what the images should look like.