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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Browser?

From: Ilya Chernykh <neptunia@...>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 19:31:07 +0300
On Saturday 08 January 2011 11:50:05 chr4pc wrote:

> Would you mind listing those errors "introduced in KDE3 in final versions
> such as 3.5.10"?
> I'm interested in seeing them listed, so as to help fixing some of them
> rapidly.

I am not sure if they all were introduced in final version, but most of them 
were absent from earlier releases:

1. Problems with profiling.

 - The toolbars when enabled in Konq once in any profile (even without profile 
saving), appear in all profiles. Impossible to disable them (can be removed 
from individual windows, but new windows open with toolbars). 
- The navigation panel once enabled saves into profile even without save 
command. To remove it from profile one needs to explicitely save profile 
without navbar.
- Drives in Storage Media and any folders opened from those drives open in Web 
Browsing profile, not in File Management profile.
- Many other instances when changes made in one profile affect all others.

2. Problems with file associations

- Some file types are opened in internal Konq viewer even dispite explicit 
setting to open them in external application
- Internal viewer of Konq does not respect the Konq-wide setting to open 
folders in new windows, thus text files, for example are opened in the same 
Konq window. Setting to use external viewer with command-line with a call to 
Konq is ignored: Konq does not call new Konq instance in new window.
- If to delete file association and then create a new file association with 
new name, the new one becomes broken and its settings impossible to edit.

3. Problems with Kicker

- The K-menu appears with shift from the expected position when first called 
after reboot or changing KDE settings. This happens with some icon themes and 
does not with others (does not happen with Crystal, happens with Slick, KDE 
See this screenshot:

- The buttons on the taskbar are not pushed even when selected, even if 
Classic view is enabled.

4. Problems with desktop

- Names of some icons on the desktop are shown with incomplete dotted frame, 
see these screenshots:

- If to create a file on the desktop with the same name as a name of a 
recently deleted file, the file appears on the desktop with a strange name, 
while its actual name in the desktop folder is correct. The icon on the 
desktop is non-functional, the file cannot be opened nor deleted with this 
icon. But when the actual file is deleted the fake icon also disappears.
See the screenshot:

5. Problems with common dialogs

- In the file open/save dialogs the items in the quick access bar appear with 
small icons and the discription to the right of it. Even the standard items 
do not fit in that space and the width of that column cannot be increased:

Apparently the bar was designed for big icons and descriptions below, a layout 
for which it is ideally suitable:
This layout can be enabled per application, but not system-wide.

- Some dialogs cannot resize large icons properly so the icons appear with 
huge dimentions: