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Having extra space in my toolbars isn't a big issue, my screen is
large enough (1200x800), though I try to keep from clutter. There are
plenty of browsers already out there, the browser I'm thinking of is
mainly just as a long term way for me to practice (and also to help
fulfill a desire to move away from GTK). I might share it with some
people just to get some feedback and perhaps to have something to "fit
in" with the KDE3 interface. For me, it isn't really enough to apply
whatever Qt theme I'm using to GTK, I've found (generally speaking,
not true in every case) that Qt is more stable than GTK and takes up
less space. Also, adding in both sets of libs increases storages needs
(both hard disk and ISOs).

I know it does, it just is not worthwhile to have duplicate applications for each toolkit. In my perfect world we would but I also can't say that it is bad from a performance and memory usage point. From what I've noticed - and I tend to look at those things in some detail - it is mostly problematic when you have to load things that depend too much on foreign desktop environments like Gnome, as the toolkit is mostly a slim lib to load IMHO.

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On 1/7/11, Ilya Chernykh <neptunia@...> wrote:
> On Friday 07 January 2011 14:13:44 Katheryne Draven wrote:
>> I agree. I think its better to work on getting konq to render better.
>> Its far superior as a web browser even with its outdated-ness (is that
>> a word?). 90% of the time I find pages render and function better than
>> in Firefox. I can control my browsing experience better as well by
>> shutting off tons of stuff whilst still maintaining a usable page.
>> There are so many advantages to konq as a file manager, ftp, sftp, and
>> WB that its worth the extra steps.
> In Konqueror JavaScript is brocken. Also using Konq as a browser interferes
> with the filemanagement function: for file management I disable the toolbars
> but for browser I need them. If to enable toolbars in Konq, they appear in
> all other profiles, and there is no way to disable them other than editing
> config files. Very annoying bug.
> Also Webkit is just newer than KHTML in KDE3 and receives security updates.

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