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Month: August 2012

3.5.13-sru Testing/Eval -- Good!

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2012 21:10:22 -0500

  My testing of 3.5.13-sru was delayed a bit for, among other reasons, Arch's
drop of it's installer and a move to grub2 (kde4'ing of grub...) However, my
intent was to test 3.5.13-sru on a completely new machine with no prior
installs, etc.. that may skew the results. The bottom line... 3.5.13-sru worked
very well on Arch built on all current libs. There were only a few things I
missed in packaging (all runtime fixes, no rebuilds required). There were
another few cherry picks that we need to include in 3.5.13-sru as well.

  The runtime issues were:

- change of Arch init script internals to kdm from tdm
- change starttde back to startkde

  Cherrypicks needed:

- update the default KDE Components -> File Manager -> 'Preview & Metadata'
maximum file size 1.0M -> 10.0M

  Other defaults to consider:

- configure subpixel hinting dialog so '[x] Use sub-pixel hinting' is checked by
default when 'Use anti-aliasing' is chosen (it is already like that in R14)

- set Launch Feedback - Busy Cursor (Bounding Cursor) 5 sec. + taskbar
notification 5 sec.

- get rid of the konqueror (file manager) 'view'-> Configure Background ->
Picture. Just set the default to 'Color' instead. Use of a picture kills the
alternating row coloration.

- If 3.5.13-sru will be a branch/development branch, then the TDE version should
be updated to add the '-sru' designation. Currently it is still just 3.5.13.

  Regressions not present in 3.5.13-sru

- kmenu -> settings -> control panel (works)
- Applets -> Quicklaunch (no malformed URLs)

  I still have a few build issues, but all things considered, 3.5.13-sru works
very well. Well done Slavek! I'll post anything else I find.

  Next few weeks will be very busy on my end. I will catch up as time permits :)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.