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Month: August 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] cups commits to backport/test in 3513-sru/tdelibs

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 23:58:46 -0500
On 08/12/2012 11:12 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:
> Slavek,
>   Tim has 2 commits that implement support for Cups 1.6 we need to test and
> backport to 3513-sru. They are:
> 9bc0d2cd9d
> 91bf63b43b
>   I will try to patch a local copy and build with it, but if you can look at
> them as well, that be appreciated. I'll report back after my test run.

It tdelibs builds fine in 3513-sru with the cups 1.6 commits applied (for cups <
1.6). You need to run:

sed -i 's/tde/kde/g' <commit.diff>

on each of the diff files before applying them (cherry picking them). This is
due to the change from tdelibs/kdeprint to tdelibs/tdeprint and one instance of
tdeprint_printer that went from kdeprint->tdeprint. This will fix the following
name changes in the commits:

23:54 alchemy:~/tde/tmp> grep tde
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/cupsdconf2/cupsdconf.cpp
--- a/tdeprint/cups/cupsdconf2/cupsdconf.cpp
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/cupsdconf2/cupsdconf.cpp
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.cpp b/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.cpp
--- a/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.cpp
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.cpp
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h b/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h
--- a/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsjobmanager.cpp b/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsjobmanager.cpp
--- a/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsjobmanager.cpp
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsjobmanager.cpp
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsmanager.cpp b/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsmanager.cpp
--- a/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsmanager.cpp
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsmanager.cpp
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsuimanager.cpp b/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsuimanager.cpp
--- a/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsuimanager.cpp
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/kmcupsuimanager.cpp
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/kmwfax.cpp b/tdeprint/cups/kmwfax.cpp
--- a/tdeprint/cups/kmwfax.cpp
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/kmwfax.cpp
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/kmwippselect.cpp b/tdeprint/cups/kmwippselect.cpp
--- a/tdeprint/cups/kmwippselect.cpp
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/kmwippselect.cpp
0, NULL)));

23:54 alchemy:~/tde/tmp> grep tde
diff --git a/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h b/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h
--- a/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h
+++ b/tdeprint/cups/ipprequest.h

** this is where needless renaming kde->tde hurts....

I will update the build environment and test with cups > 1.6 in a day or two,
but I've tested and it is safe for building with cups < 1.6.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.