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Month: August 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] LiMux draft

From: Julius Schwartzenberg <julius.schwartzenberg@...>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 13:25:42 +0200
Calvin Morrison wrote:
> I've started to draft up a LiMux email. I haven't finished, but some
> input would be good

Some things are still missing I think.

First of all, what is the exact goal this letter is trying to achieve?
Do you expect LiMux people to make significant improvements to TDE
directly through GIT or send in patches or does it also have to do with
financial contributions? Or maybe you just expect them to report bugs?
There are some notes in there, but I think "joining efforts" should be
avoided because it is too vague.

At this point it is completely unclear I guess what LiMux could actually
offer to the Trinity project. So I can imagine a first e-mail should try
to find out how much focus there is on Trinity and what kind of
resources they are spending now on it.
Right now, as far as I understand, there haven't been any (few) bug
reports from people associated with LiMux. Is this really correct?

What I do think is very good in your letter is that it shows what the
Trinity project can mean for LiMux: "resolve LiMux specific issues,
respond to problems, as well as offer debugging and packaging help". I
think the emphasis of the letter should be on that together with why
such feedback is also very important for the Trinity project.

A list of features for the next release seems good, but I think it is
too technical now and also some things are really not interesting for
end-users. What does an X11 compositor give them? Doesn't LibreOffice
already have dialog boxes? Why would they care how the software is
branded exactly? I would advice to try to rewrite this list into
something more marketable. I suspect their main priority right now is to
be able to migrate off Ubuntu 10.04 in time to a next LTS release of
Ubuntu, so I think Trinity's stance on that would be the most important.

I hope this feedback is useful. Good luck! It will be interesting to see
the result.

Best regards,