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Month: August 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] LiMux draft

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 08:22:24 -0400
On 14 August 2012 07:25, Julius Schwartzenberg
<julius.schwartzenberg@...> wrote:
> Calvin Morrison wrote:
>> I've started to draft up a LiMux email. I haven't finished, but some
>> input would be good
> Some things are still missing I think.
> First of all, what is the exact goal this letter is trying to achieve?
> Do you expect LiMux people to make significant improvements to TDE
> directly through GIT or send in patches or does it also have to do with
> financial contributions? Or maybe you just expect them to report bugs?
> There are some notes in there, but I think "joining efforts" should be
> avoided because it is too vague.
> At this point it is completely unclear I guess what LiMux could actually
> offer to the Trinity project. So I can imagine a first e-mail should try
> to find out how much focus there is on Trinity and what kind of
> resources they are spending now on it.
> Right now, as far as I understand, there haven't been any (few) bug
> reports from people associated with LiMux. Is this really correct?
> What I do think is very good in your letter is that it shows what the
> Trinity project can mean for LiMux: "resolve LiMux specific issues,
> respond to problems, as well as offer debugging and packaging help". I
> think the emphasis of the letter should be on that together with why
> such feedback is also very important for the Trinity project.
> A list of features for the next release seems good, but I think it is
> too technical now and also some things are really not interesting for
> end-users. What does an X11 compositor give them? Doesn't LibreOffice
> already have dialog boxes? Why would they care how the software is
> branded exactly? I would advice to try to rewrite this list into
> something more marketable. I suspect their main priority right now is to
> be able to migrate off Ubuntu 10.04 in time to a next LTS release of
> Ubuntu, so I think Trinity's stance on that would be the most important.
> I hope this feedback is useful. Good luck! It will be interesting to see
> the result.
> Best regards,
> Julius
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Thank you, your notes are very helpful.