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Month: August 2012

Fwd: [arch-general] Update on Trinity - 2 versions available R14 and 3.5.13-sru

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:47:51 -0400
(Install either 14.0.0 or 3.5.13, but not both at the same time. R14 should
install with KDE4, but the libart-lgpl conflict needs to be fixed. I don't
recommend installing both 3.5.13-sru and KDE4. Details below :)

Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) for Archlinux

  TDE for Archlinux is provided in two versions 3.5.13-sru and 14.0.0. Both are
updated to build/run on all current Archlinux packages and libraries (gcc 4.7.1,
glibc 2.16, glib2 2.32, libpng 1.5, ffmpeg 0.11, cups 1.6 and more). TDE 3.5.13
Software Release Update (sru) is a traditional Qt3 based continuation of KDE
3.5.10 and is directly backwards compatible with all KDE 3.5 code. TDE
3.5.13-sru contains all major updates present in the latest version of TDE
14.0.0. TDE 14.0.0 is a TQt3 based continuation of the KDE3 desktop with an
updated application framework (TQt) to allow migration to Qt4 and other
advancements. TDE 14.0.0 should not conflict with KDE4. The version change from
3.5.X to 14.0.X signifies that TDE 14. is no longer directly backwards
compatible with KDE3 code. TDE 14 can be built and operate with HAL, but that
capability is still experimental. Both 3.5.13 and 14.0.0 are very stable
desktops in operation. The primary development on TDE is with 14.0.0.
Significant updates are then backported to 3.5.13-sru. You should consider the
versions as 'development' (R14) and stable (3.5.13-sru) versions of
the TDE desktop.

TDE Binaries for Archlinux

  Server space has been graciously provided by Axilleas Pi. Install repositories
are shown below. Meta package installation for tde is provided under the name
'tde-base'. To install TDE on Arch, simply install with:

  pacman -Sy tde-base

  Note: On install, you should expect conflicts with tde-sip and tde-sip4-tqt.
The TDE packages 'tde-sip' and 'tde-sip4-tqt' are direct replacements for the
'sip' and 'python2-sip' packages. They simply contain additional extensions for
TDE. If you encounter these conflicts, the recommended install is:

  pacman -Rdd sip python2-sip
  pacman -Sy tde-base

  Warning: If attempting to install 3.5.13 along side KDE4 you will experience
conflict with libart-lgpl and kdebase-workspace. The libart-lgpl packages are
equivalent. The kdebase-workspace conflict is with /etc/ksysguarddrc. Both are
in the process of being eliminated.

Archlinux Repositories: (Note - only 3.5.13-sru i686 uploaded this morning)

 Add one of the following to your /etc/pacman.conf and adjust i686/x86_64 as

  Server =


  Note: Binaries are currently being finished and will be uploaded when
complete. Currently TDE 3.5.13-sru i686 is ready for testing. x86_64 will be
uploaded later today. R14 should be expected within a week.

Archlinux PKGBUILD Sources:

  TDE is under heavy development causing patch requirements to change daily.
Currently TDE is compiled from tarballs created from local copies of the TDE GIT
tree. Using tarballs from a local copy of the GIT tree instead of having the
PKGBUILD download directly from GIT was done to limit load on the TDE GIT
server. The build process is outlined in:

  A recent snapshot of all PKGBUILD src directories can be downloaded in a
single file:

  Individual src files are available in the same directory. The files themselves
can be browsed at:


  Please let me know of any problems experienced with the packages. If you have
ideas or improvements, let me know as well. Bugs can be directly reported at: The archwiki for Trinity will be
updated shortly.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.


David has made Arch Linux packages available