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Month: August 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Tim: TDEHWLIB

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 18:51:17 -0500
>>> ========================================
>>> Inserting a DVD
>>> Nothing happens. No desktop icon, no dialog.
>> I'll look into it.
> Two new commits just went into GIT, in tdelibs and tdebase.  This should
> resolve most of the CD/DVD handling problem and might resolve your floppy
> drive problem as well.
> If you can, please check to see if unmounting a CD or DVD causes an
> unwanted media insertion popup dialog to appear.  This happens on my test
> system because udev fires a media removed event followed by a media
> inserted event, and TDE dutifully shows the popup on media insert.  This
> should probably be fixed upstream in udev, as I don't know if TDE would be
> able to reliably distinguish between this spurious event and the user
> reinserting the same disk.
> Tim

Please disregard the last part regarding udev and spurious events; I
inserted a line of incorrect code accidentally and drew an incorrect

There is a second patch now in tdebase GIT that should fix the popup issue
with CDs/DVDs.