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Month: August 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Tim: TDEHWLIB

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 20:16:46 -0700 (PDT)
> Two new commits just went into GIT, in tdelibs and
> tdebase.  This should resolve most of the CD/DVD handling problem and might
> resolve your floppy drive problem as well.

The only problem I had with the floppy device is the mount point is not the same as I have configured in mediamanagerrc. Under HAL, using the popup menu options Properties->Mounting (tab) dialog, I long ago set the mount point to /media/floppy. Without the Mounting tab, there is no GUI method of changing that. From what I see, under TDEHWLIB, there is no way to configure the mount point, which defaults to /media/fd0, or any, other mount option, to override the global options.

For example, in my global mount options I do not have any device automount. I change that for my USB flash drives. Of course, floppies can't be configured that way. That is why I have an Unmounted Floppy device icon on my desktop. Through that icon I can use the popup menu to mount the floppy. Note: under HAL I have floppy polling disabled because the clicking noise slowly drives a person insane. :-)

> If you can, please check to see if unmounting a CD or DVD
> causes an unwanted media insertion popup dialog to appear.  This
> happens on my test system because udev fires a media removed event followed by
> a media inserted event, and TDE dutifully shows the popup on media
> insert.  This should probably be fixed upstream in udev, as I don't know
> if TDE would be able to reliably distinguish between this spurious event and
> the user reinserting the same disk.

As I mentioned previously, I can run these particular builds only at night (only one computer, different OSes, different partitions, etc., requiring a reboot when I'm done for the day with my main setup). Thus, I won't be able to test until sometime tomorrow. :-)

I did not see mentioned with the latest patches whether the Mounting tab is restored in the device icon popup Properties dialog. The Mounting tab provides GUI access to specifying the desired mount point and other related mount options for a device, which override the global options.

I believe we need migration code to convert the existing mediamanagerrc data to the format used by TDEHWLIB. I don't envision users cheerfully accepting that they have to rename all of the removable device icon labels, mount points, etc., especially if no GUI access is provided. End-users will treat the HAL->TDEHWLIB change as a WTF moment. :-)

Seems using UUID is a reasonable method to generate the icon label. The mediamanagerrc file contains references to HAL terminology, but within those key names/values is the UUID of each device. The UUID is always discoverable and some code could be added to grep mediamanagerrc for that UUID. When found, use kreadconfig to grab the respective key values and under the new TDEHWLIB key/value scheme, that becomes the icon label, mount point, etc. All of the information is there, we just need to convert to the new TDEHWLIB key names and values. That the old HAL key names/values remain in mediamanagerrc is no big deal or concern and nobody but you, me, and maybe three other people will notice. Users are not going to notice (or care) that new packages are built with TDEHWLIB rather than HAL, but they will notice breakage with icon labels, mount points, etc. :-)