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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Tim: TDEHWLIB

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2012 16:19:04 -0700 (PDT)
> > Which screenshots are those? I must have missed that email. If you mean
> > pictures of each device icon, I'll post some soon.
> Here is the message:

> I don't like the fact that the mount options dialog is not
> appearing.

Oh, okay. Well, not much to show because the tab is just plain missing. Regardless, here are screen shots of the icon labels:

With HAL:


The devices are in the same desktop order for both systems.

> Your other issues are probably somewhat related to the fact
> that you are manually modifying mediamanagerrc, therefore you do not know
> which strings to use for the new TDEHWLib groups (nor should you have
> to!).  At this time I do not know why the mounting options tab appears for
> me and not for you.

I don't manually modify mediamanagerrc, except through the dialogs. That is, I don't edit the file.

Here is some more information:

Icon appearance times (same physical port used every time):

Slackware 13.1, with HAL:

Kingston 8GB: 7.5 seconds
Buffalo 1GB: 6 seconds
Cruzer 8 GB: 6 seconds
Cruzer 16GB: 6 seconds
Slackware Current installation DVD: 16.5 seconds
Slackware 12.2 installation CD: 20.5 seconds

Slackware 14.0 RC4, with TDEHW

Kingston 8GB: 3.5 seconds (faster)
Buffalo 1GB: 1.5 seconds (faster)
Cruzer 8 GB: 10.5 seconds (slower)
Cruzer 16GB: 24.5 seconds (much slower)
Slackware Current installation DVD: 15.5 seconds (~ same)
Slackware 12.2 installation CD: 13.5 seconds (faster)

I did not perform repeated tests to derive average times.

============ FRESH PROFILE ============
Slackware 14.0 RC4, TDEHW

USB icon appearance times:

Kingston 8GB: 2 seconds (faster)
Buffalo 1GB: 2 seconds (faster)
Cruzer 8 GB: 10.5 seconds (slower)
Cruzer 16GB: 24.5 seconds (much slower)
Slackware Current installation DVD: 14.5 seconds (~ same)
Slackware 12.2 installation CD: 14.5 seconds (~ same)

Mounting tab: Missing, but there now is a Meta Info tab that I never have seen before.

Safely Remove: does not work

CD/DVD Eject: does not work

Seems the missing mounting tab is not profile related. Something else must be causing that.

Seems something might be amiss with the Cruzer flash drives. Based upon the spew output I'll lean toward udev at the moment. I need to test further in a different desktop environment.

Regarding the compact flash disk icon: with HAL the device icons appears using the smart_media icon. With TDEHW the icon is a USB device (as seen in previous screen shots). That bug hopefully is easy to fix. Screen shot with HAL: