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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] TDEHW Summary

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2012 14:04:27 -0700 (PDT)
Retaining the same icon label across different physical ports now works! :-)

> > How about having TDEHW migrate those settings to the new mediamanagerrc
> > groups and gray/ghost the options in the dialog? That way users would see
> > that the settings were migrated but not supported under TDEHW.
> This is not easy due to the underlying architecture of the
> media manager system.  Besides this, it would be confusing to most
> users to see greyed-out options for settings that the underlying code
> cannot support at this time.

Okay, don't show them in the GUI dialog. How about migrating the entire mediamanagerrc chunk for each device? Those four options would remain dormant under TDEHW, but would be there should TDEHW support them.

Observation (a different reason to copy the whole mediamanagerrc chunk for each device): TDEHW does not grep/inherit HAL settings in mediamanagerrc, requiring users to reconfigure each device that is different from the defaults. That is, each device under TDEHW defaults to the defaults. Users have to uncheck the "Use defaults" check box and reconfigure the device. Not to mention having to reconfigure the icon label. Paper cut nuisance, especially when we want TDEHW to be as seamless as possible --- the basic idea of "never breaking external interfaces." As both schemes use UUID I'm hoping this chunk copying should be straightforward. :-)

> > TQSocketNotifier: Invalid socket specified
> > TQSocketNotifier: Internal error
> I just pushed two new commits to tdelibs and tdebase; they
> should resolve the warnings printed above, as well as restore proper
> removable media device icons.

Aargh. :-) Rebuild again!

> > I suspect the FIXME messages are on the TDEHW to-do list?
> Yes.  If anyone ever sees these messages, please send
> them to this mailing list.  They indicate that TDEHWLib did not recognize
> one or more devices on your system, and they also include enough information to
> fix detection.

Okay. You have that particular set of FIXME messages in your queue. :-)

More information:

CD/DVDs: Not sure how this works, but the following happens when I insert a disk under both HAL and TDEHW:

* An icon appears on the desktop. The icon label is the name of the disk label, such as "Slackware64-current DVD."
* A dialog appears asking me what to do.

Then this happens under HAL:

* The disk mounts to a mount point the same as the disk label, such as "/media/Slackware64-current DVD" (Pretty!)

Under TDEHW:

* The disk mounts to the mount point of "/media/sr0" (Functional but not pretty)

Is there a way to get TDEHW to use a mount point like under HAL? I do not have anything in mediamanagerrc for optical disks. I don't know how TDE/HAL creates/uses a mount point that matches the disk label. I'm guessing something in the halbackend code that can be copied/pasted into the tdehwbackend code? :-)

* Compact flash disk icon: USB device rather than sd_mmc device: I'll test with the latest patches.