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Month: September 2012

Experiences installing TDE - some comments for TDE improvements

From: Alexis PM <alexispm_stellaluna@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 18:35:30 +0100 (BST)

In order to help improve TDE, I want to tell my experiences with TDE starting 
from a clean install of Debian Squeeze minimal (within X) from the viewpoint 
of a Spanish desktop user. The problems, pitfalls or things I've found are 
improving (I report all as bugs in the bug tracker to be systematic):

1. Trinity Webpage could be translated into several languages ​​without much problem, 
I think there are collaborators with enough time and desire to make it viable. 
A call to collaborators through the mailing list to create working groups could 
be. I offer to help as Spanish-spoken.

2. Debian installation intructions improvements:
* Refers to "sudo", but Debian as a "su" distro by default, like most distros. 
If you're a newbie and follow to the letter the instructions, the lines with 
"sudo" not work
* Lack reference to the translation packages, example "For Spanish translate, 
apt-get install kde-trinity-i18n-es"
* For laptops, kpowersave-trinity is essential, it shoul be indicate in the 
intructions as "if you have a laptop..." or similar.
* A graphical network manager as network-manager-kde-trinity is very util, it 
shoul be indicate in the intructions as "if you want to have a graphical network 
manager and you are not using a other as wicd, you..." or similar. May notice 
about network-manager versions incompatible with network-manager-kde-trinity.

3. Applications of interest:
* Kmix should be in the System Tray.
I don't report, I think is reported in
* IMHO k3b-trinity and kima-trinity should be in the default TDE installation, 
are useful for the general public.

4. Kpersonalizer:
* Keramic theme is broken, not see the title bar of the windows or close/maximize
/minimize buttons.
* Kpersonalizer is partially in English despite having chosen Spanish. I can 
help with it.
* Keyboard in English despite having chosen Spanish in Kpersonalizer. I have 
to do KControl > Keyboard Layout > Enable keyboard layout & Show indicator for 
single layout.

5. Parts of the system are in English, lack of a complete Spanish translations. 
For example, "Hibernate computer" and "Suspend computer" in the "End session" 
I can help with it.

6. KDM problems:
* KDM don't draw well the background, artifacts can be seen. I think I solved 
it with KControl > System admin > Login manager > Apparance > Compositor: Trinity 
compositor. If choosing Trinity Compositor solve the problem, the package 
should  be reconfigured to do it by default.
* "Finish actual session" in "End session" window dialog don't work, just a 
black screen appears instead of KDM. Doing Ctrl-Alt-F1 & Ctrl-Alt-F6, the KDM 
window is visible very briefly. I read something similar, related with graphic 
card (this is a Nvidia, and use the nouveau driver), I don't know. Related: 
In Exe GNU/Linux, a Debian live CD distro with TDE as desktop environment:
* In a live session, if you choose "Change session" in the TDE exit dialog, 
you find a KDM login window answer you about user name and password - could be 
 the TDE desktop
* In a HD-installation session, the KDM login window option "Reboot" don't work, 
the system stays in terminal login (you can insert your user name and password, 
and the 
system remains in terminal modex", you can use "startx" :P )
Possible related with

7. Sudo problems: In a recent mail ( "Clean TDE of Kubuntu references", ) I did a review of the 
problems derivated of the Ubuntu reminiscences dragged by TDE project, as 
sudo-dependence of TDE nonexistent in the KDE 3.5  original. A set of new 
sudo-related bugs:
* Konsole as SuperUser: T > System > SuperUser > Konsole: a Konsole window 
appears ask for "[sudo] password for [user]" - it is a Debian (no-sudo) system, 
therefore neither user password (user is not in /etc/sudoers) neither root 
password (demand sudo) work. Konqueror as root in the "T > System > SuperUser" 
dialog works well.
* In T > System, other applications as KPackage open, but for a action ask for 
"SUDO password", and again neither user password neither root password work. 
But KUser in T > System work well with root password.
* I installed Synaptic. But Synaptic in T > System don't work to enter the root 
password. Synaptic via "Run command" answer "KDEInit could not launch 
'su-to-root': could not find 'su-to-root' executable". However, "kdesu synaptic" 
works well.

8. I suggest the following changes in file associations (in Konqueror: 
Preferences > Configure Konqueror)
* Kwrite instead of Kate for plain-text files - I think Kwrite is simpler
* Iceweasel instead of Konqueror for HTML files