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Month: March 2016

TDE new logo proposal? -- Recap

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2016 14:39:29 +0900
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Thomas, E.,
thanks for all your work so far.
I will try to summarize where we are with this discussion (if I forgot something please feel free to add to it).

- some users do not want any change
- it would be good to give TDE a look refresh to move away from the "stale" perception and attract new users
- some consensus for the treefoil knot
- some consensus for triskele
- some consensus and some objection to move away from the "gear" concept
- new logo should capture the essence of TDE: easy, productive, fluid, simple

I guess we will not be able to please everyone.
Anyhow if we move ahead, we should plan to have both a TDE-Classic style (i.e. current style) and a TDE-modern style
(new theme, new logo, new icons....), so we can please old users and try to please new ones. KPersonalizer will allow
the initial choice between the two.

I think we will have to narrow down on a few logo proposal and then choose one from there.

PS: Thomas, with reference to the Triskele-Radiant-Drafts-TM-1.svg.png file, I like the top right one: "three" spirals,
simple, fluid, easy on the eye. I also like the colors but I do not mind if we decide for others