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Month: March 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE new logo proposal? -- Recap

From: Thomas Maus <thomas.maus@...>
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2016 19:12:56 +0100
On Saturday 05 March 2016, 14:39 wrote Michele Calgaro:
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> Thomas, E.,
> thanks for all your work so far.

You're welcome.

> I think we will have to narrow down on a few logo proposal and then choose
> one from there. 

I completely agree with the proposed procedure. Perhaps each should identify a 
small number of agreeable logo design (3? 5?), so that perhaps some overlap of 
preferences can be identified.

I might add a few thoughts:

1. Is not the usage of the gear and konqui a significant risk of a trademark or 
logo infringement?
At least in Europe the typical jurisdiction is, that similar logos are seen as 
trademark infringements, when used in the same field. 

I. e. using a triskele is relatively unproblematic concerning "triskele linux" 
as TDE is a desktop, while the other is a linux distro -- using some 
differentiation in colors and form should suffice. 

But KDE and TDE play on exactly the same field. If the usage of the gears 
and/or konqui is not explicitely granted by KDE to TDE, KDE could raise 
complaints on a variety of grounds!

So my urgent request to those favoring the gear and konqui: State if you know, 
that these issues are settled legally!?

2. Both the trefoil and the triskele can be generated from gears.
The trefoil by gears revolving on each other (hypotrochoid), as the attachment 
The (arms of a) triskele either by a chain unrolling from a rotating gear 
(producing an involutive spiral) or a rack gear (happily T-shaped ;-) being 
driven outward by a rotating gear assembly (forming an Archimedean spiral).
(It would take some time to illustrate the mechanisms, I trust in your 
imagination -- both spirals are quite similar and both are suitable for the 
triskele arms)

So gears are still at the heart of the construction, but hidden inside (as is 
normally is proper for gears around non-engineers anyhow ;-)
So, the constructions are based on gears and transcend them, as TDE is based 
on KDE3.5 but transcends it.

3. Both the project name "trinity" as well as all logos around 3-someness are 
massively loaded with associations.

The discussion would be much easier to lead in German, because we have a 
multitude of terms to differentiate -- which all would be translated to the 
English "trinity"!

Besides the Christian trinitarian concept (for which we have two concise 
German words -- one focussing 3-in-1, the other 1-in-3), we have more 
universal words to describing similar concepts in cultures all around the 
world (in various degrees of unity of the three constitutes): I could give you 
tons of references from Laotsi and Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, arctic 
shamanism, Nordic + Greek + Roman culture, philosophy, psychoanalysis, 
physics, computational theory, ...

Surely enough for anybody, to find something objectionable -- or something 
appealing if so inclined ...

And that is the fundamental question: 
can we find unity in diversity, and bear diversity in unity?