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Month: September 2016

Re: [Bulk] [trinity-devel] Re: How to test tdeioslave/trash

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 22:11:20 +0800
On 2016/09/22 09:56 PM, Michele Calgaro wrote:
> Yes, I thought your question was deeper in fact.
> tdeio system is in principle "simple". When an application needs a file (whether a local one or remote one), is uses a
> tdeio job to request it. A corresponding tdeio-slave will actually do the work to get the file and send back to the
> tdeio requesting application.
> Under the hood, there is much more going on, including task scheduling for asynchronous tasks.
> Not sure there is some documentation about it. I recently had to dwell into the tdeio subsystem to debug bug 2685 and I
> found useful info in the tdelibs html files related to the class involved. See tdeio/tdeio documentations in tdelibs
> file:///opt/trinity/share/doc/tde/HTML/en/tdelibs-apidocs/tdeio/tdeio/html/classTDEIO_1_1Job.html
> and navigate around from there.
> Cheers
>   Michele
Forgot to mention that protocols are special instances of tdeio-slaves that make a speficic file available through a
given protocol.
For example an ftp tdeio-slaves will make a file on an ftp server looks like a local file to any tde application.