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Month: May 2018

Re: [trinity-devel] What a trinity leader should have done.

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2018 19:30:15 +0200
Hi all,

I suppose that the members of our community know me enough and that there 
will be no objection if I label myself as the deputy leader for the cases 
when Tim is busy and can not be here. That is why I will now speak not 
only on my own behalf but on behalf of our community.

Dne ne 27. května 2018 wofgdkncxojef@... napsal(a):
> 1. Shut down the user mailing list, and drag you kicking and screaming,
> to an official reedit

Great idea - we could get other "contributors" who just talk, scream or 
tell us their wonderful moods... But just a chatter does not make any 
move forward. This represents only an unnecessary waste time of all 

We do not just want to talk, we want to discuss in a constructive way. And 
therefore the mailing lists will remain here.

> 2. Shut down the git repo, and drag you kicking and screaming to
> github.

Another great idea. As you earlier said yourself - it's not for any 
technical reason. On the contrary, others have stated several technical 
reasons why not to do so.

I add more: Currently, we have 179 individual GIT repositories. But we 
have one common wiki and one common bugzilla. At Github each individual 
repository had its own issues and wiki - very impractical for us. At the 
same time, issues on Github do not provide features like bugzilla.

Your thought that moving to Github will attract crowds of programmers is 
nonsense. Maybe there will be those who will just watch. Maybe there will 
be those who make their fork, but they will not make any contribution. 
No, I'm not a pessimist - I'm just a realist.

In any case, if we want to provide a Github-style interface besides to 
Cgit interface, we would definitely choose a solution that we can run on 
our servers. For example, Gitea:

> 3. Impose renaming  as top priority, and a split in several categories.
> With main, of guaranteed minimum quality.

As I said before: Renaming everything is one of the great challenges 
facing us. We know that this is useful as the first necessary step to 
overcome the barrier to inclusion into the distributions. However, our 
main priority is - and I can say that it will always be - to provide 
Trinity to users who use it.

Splitting code into the "first category" and "others" is nonsense.

> 4. Bend over backwards, so that trinity is accepted in Debian.

There is no need to waste time on this point until the renaming of 
everything will be done. Yes, it would be a nice benefit, but we can 
continue to work without it. It is simply a long-term goal.

> All this, is just to increase exposire of the project.
> You have to go, where people are.
> This way, you get more users and devs.
> Instead, every one here, only see's the very short term.
> Literally, just the next patch.
> This can not be done, without some one in charge.....

We are a small community. Whoever wants to become a respected member, 
others have to see the results of his work. At first I hoped you could 
learn teamwork, you could get an overview of the structure of the source 
code, you could become a useful member of the team. But the only results 
you show is just chatter.

From your four points there is the only one who deserves effort - renaming 
everything. When I asked you to take up this task, the answer was still 
just the same chatter. You can not make any move forward only by talking. 
You will not get any respect from the community only by talking.

It only depends on you if you want to be beneficial to our community, and 
instead of talking, you will begin to devote for useful work, or if you 
just keep talking and others will ignore you more and more.

I remind you that you have not even revealed the basic good behavior to 
introduce yourself!