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Month: November 2011

Fedora experience

From: Peter Lemken <trinity@...>
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 14:53:26 +0000 (UTC)

first of all thank you all for keeping KDE3 alive and kicking and for providing
packages for the various distributions.

I finally got too fed up with Mandriva and was looking for a better alternative.
OpenSuSE 12.1 is really great, but, alas, there are no trinity packages
available, yet. Having seen the F15 and 16 packages I played with that. 3 days
ago there was no F16 yet, so I downloaded the TDELIVEF15.iso and share my
experience, which unfortunately goes for yesterday's release of the F16 live CD:

The CD is severely broken in many ways:

* Both CDs cannot launch the live installer from the desktop. It is therefore
necessary to open a terminal, allow root to use the X-server by xhost + and
start /usr/bin/liveinst manually.

* The setup cannot be completed, because the default runlevel is 3. One needs to
log in as root and start init 5 to get to the window manager.

* TDE does not recognize one's old settings from a previous installation of
KDE3. I have linked .kde3 to .kde in hy /home and I wonder whee those settings
used to resid, or has TDE wiped my .kde? Not good.

* The F15 CD cannot even log into the display manager at all. It is missing a
critical package: for PAM, some gnome package.

* The F15 CD misses the critical step of adding a regular user. I needed to
manually adduser.

* I can't get compiz to work at all, no matter what window decorator I use,
neither gtk nor KDE4 works. I wish you would add the older compiz 8.6 to
trinity, together with kde3-window-decorator.

* Laptop management is totally broken. The ACPI-helper setup uses an
Ubuntu/Debian specific command, which simply doesn't work on any other
distribution. dpkg-stat-override can't possibly work on Fedora. Currently I need
to manually put the machine to sleep. Also, /proc/acpi/sleep is deprecated in
recent kernels. Please find a way to use KLaptop for SuspendToRAM

* Trinity misses a working NetworkManager applet. I currently use nm-applet, but
I can't make it reside in my system tray.

Having said all that, I am really relieved to finally have an up to date
distribution with my beloved KDE3 and I'd again like to thank you all for the
great work!