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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Hello list!

From: Andrea Cascio <andrea@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 00:16:23 +0100
> Hi Andrea, welcome to Trinity!
> There are a lot of projects that I have on the OBS, but half of them
> are unmaintained, so don't go by them ;)

So the right repo is tde3.5.13, not the one that will "destroy my cat", ok? ;)

> I've been working on getting much of my work up to speed and working
> again after my dev machine crashed. I thought that I would be able to
> retrieve a lot of my work, but that didn't happen as much as I thought
> to plan >_>;;.
> I made a branch on the Trinity Desktop tde-packaging git, you can
> check it out on the suse branch. I'll be updating it as I get to
> packages.

Yes, got it. Now, I hope you will advice me, regarding the correct way to work 
with it. Should I make my own branch or track your suse branch or work on your 
branch locally than sending you the patches? Sorry if the question sounds 
stupid but I'm just a beginner with GIT.

> There are handy macros if you want to help :) I've been taking them
> from the KDE:KDE3 repo and restructuring the packages, removing
> old/obsoleted patches and other cruft.

Still, there are much more patches than I expected, expecially in core 
packages. Oh well, more patches, more glory. :) 
Something to start with: if I understand correctly "qt3-3.3.8d" is absolutely 
required, the qt3-3.3.8c maintained in the standard openSUSE repo won't do the  
job, right? Do you mind if I try to get a working package for it, as a start? 
The one on the OBS does not appear to build.

> I upload them from the GIT to the OBS when I have time. If you need me
> to upload anything for building, feel free to ask :) (osc build is a
> good option though >_>)

I have sent my account. :)


PS Oh, and BTW thank you all for your kind welcome. :)