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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Challenge

From: L0ner sh4dou <sh4dou@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 00:19:03 +0100
2011/11/16 Timothy Pearson <kb9vqf@...>:
> All,
> Given what has been happening lately with respect to KDE4, and the media
> incorrectly attempting to portray us as directly competing with KDE4, and
> there only on reliability and direct feature-set parity, I have a
> challenge for you:
> Write a few sentences stating what you like about TDE most.  Leave KDE4
> and other desktop environments completely out of the picture (no direct
> comparisons), and focus on the strengths of this particular desktop
> environment.  Mentioning the general theme of your work (i.e. engineering,
> software development, sales, etc.) isn't a bad idea either; this would
> help us gather some demographics on who uses TDE vs who uses other
> desktops.

Well, I like that I can configure it any way I want, both in look in
which I'm able to simulate both older OSes (like BeOS) and the newer
ones (like OsX), i like DCOP and it's simplicity, I like how easy it
goes on my hardware and on top of everything I like it because it has
a large app base and for most of my tasks (which are really wide, from
some simple programming for my school, to every-day task like
listening to music, web browsing and so on).

> I am also interested in the other side of the coin: What do you hate about
> TDE the most?  If other people agree the results could become the basis of
> some new enhancement requests, helping to make TDE better overall.
I don't like the default themes which are a little outdated.
I don't like that konqueror web engine is broken, and I don't like
idea of having one app that have 2 really different functionalities
mixed together (file management and web browsing) which I'd be happier
to see in 2 separate apps.
And I don't kinda like aRts, which started as something different
(synth and DSP app) and ended as something else (sound mixer, media
decoder interface, notification system[i'm not sure tho, but it's
stated so in the documentation that i have found on it's page]). IMHO
it should be spilt into smaller components, which do one task at the
time (different thing for handling communication with alsa, different
for sound mixing, different for media decoding and so on).
And although It's a little time I don't like the notifications, which
shows up in some ugly small popup, instead of using the OSD system
that can be found for example in the amarok.