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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] Second Trinity 3.5.12 Usability Test - SVN 1176205 (New Observations)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 10:08:50 -0700 (PDT)
> > I presume with the new Device Icons support, that
> users should delete
> the
> > old Trash.desktop file from ~/Desktop? Seems to work
> here.
> Yes.  This was a long standing point of irritation for
> me; if Micro$oft
> could make it easy to access those system functions, then
> why couldn't
> KDE?  I see the configuration options have also passed
> the
> user-discoverability test. ;-)

I have been using KDE for many years. I knew where to start looking. Will new users? I don't know. :)
> > ==================================================
> > 2. When I select a panel quick launch app(let) icon,
> or a desktop icon,
> the icon flashes and grows momentarily. That likely
> provides useful
> feedback for many people. I don't see anything obvious in
> the Panel
> configurations to disable. Probably will slowly drive me
> nuts. :) Please
> tell me of a way to disable that feature!
> I don't see one offhand.  I never used stock KDE3.5.10
> until very
> recently, so I didn't even notice there was a
> difference!  Thank you for
> bringing that to my attention; I will need to add a
> configuration option
> to disable it.

Thanks. I'll watch svn. I suspect this one of those settings that half the people enjoy and half the people detest. :) That tends to be the case with many configuration settings. For every person who thinks a particular feature is great, another person thinks that feature is irritating. :)

> > ==================================================
> > 3. Mentioned previously, but I'll include here now
> that things are
> getting
> > fixed. The Klipper icon in the system tray is larger
> than the system
> tray.
> > I cannot see the top or bottom part of the icon. This
> does not seem to
> be
> > a system tray icon problem as other system tray icons
> look fine.
> Interestingly, this happens only on the root desktop and
> not my non-user
> testing desktop. I renamed the klipperrc file and started
> X. Same
> problem.
> > Screen grab:
> That is downright weird.  It's probably related to the
> new icon resizing
> support, but I wonder why it has not cropped up before, or
> with other
> tasktray programs that share the same base code?

The problem exists here only when root uses an existing 3.5.10 profile. Starting with a fresh Trinity profile presents a good Klipper icon. Non-root has no such problem with either profile. Therefore seems the Trinity code is not liking something obscure in the 3.5.10 profile.

> ==================================================
> > 5. The root konqueror toolbars look weird.
> > Screen grab:
> > Update: when I created a new fresh Trinity desktop as
> non-user, I saw
> the
> > same artifacts in the Konqueror toolbars.
> Can you send a screen grab of what they are supposed to
> look like?

Screen grab (good):
Screen grab (bad):

Comparing the two indicates the grabber tools on the tools bars are not displaying correctly.