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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Building packages from git: several questions

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 15:31:53 -0600
> tqt3 or qt3 (is there a reason to build the latter rather than the
> former?) no
> tqtinterface (required)
> arts (required)
> dbus-1-tqt (required?) required for some applications
> dbus-tqt (required?) required for some applications
> tqca-tls (required?) required for kopete otr add-on
> libart-lgpl (required?/recommended?) strongly recommend replacing distro
version with this fixed version
> avahi-tqt (recommended?) yes, for tdebase
> python-tqt (recommended?) yes
> sip4-tqt (recommended?) yes
> tqscintilla (recommended?) yes
> Libraries:
> Build order: as needed for various packages.
> kipi-plugins (recommended? which packages?) yes, image viewers such as
ksquirrel and gwenview IIRC
> libkdcraw (recommended? which packages?)yes, image viewers such as
ksquirrel and gwenview IIRC
> libkexiv2 (recommended? which packages?) yes, image viewers such as
ksquirrel and gwenview IIRC
> libkipi (recommended? which packages?) yes, image viewers such as
ksquirrel and gwenview IIRC
> libksquirrel (recommended? which packages?) yes, ksquirrel
> libtqt-perl (recommended? which packages?) yes, adept add-on
> mlt (recommended? which packages?) no
> mlt++ (recommended? which packages?) no
> pytdeextensions (required?/recommended? which packages?) yes, tde-guidance
> python-trinity (required?/recommended? which packages?)yes, tde-guidance
> Second, are python-tqt, pytdeextensions, and python-trinity direct
> replacements for PyQt3 and PyKDE3? That is, do we stop building PyQt3 and
> PyKDE3?
> Third, SIP is available on many/most distros. What is sip4-tqt just an
> add-on layer? When is that package required?
SIP won't build on TQt3 and as it requires Qt3 it will likely be dumped or
moved to Qt4 only at some point by the host distros.  All of the
python-*-tqt-* packages need it to build.
> Fourth, seems libart is an oddball package. All of the others are
> installed but for most distros, libart from Trinity is an update/upgrade
> package process rather than an install.
libart had no maintainer, so TDE ended up picking it up.  It is just
rotting in most distribution's archives waiting for a proper maintainer to
pick it up, and since it is so small and also since tdebase relies on it I
decided to pull it into GIT and fix it up.
> Lastly, what is the deal with third-party/libreoffice?
That folder contains patches that add TDE support to the upstream
LibreOffice sources.  LibreOffice wants things done differently so they
were not merged into the upstream LibreOffice GIT tree, but they will work
just fine as-is if applied to the stock LO sources. ;-)

Hope this helps!