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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Building packages from git: several questions

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 15:50:30 -0800 (PST)
> Hope this helps!


Questions: What are python-tqt and tqscintilla?

Let me verify I understand the facts before updating the wiki. Please --- everybody --- feel free to add more notes as this information will be moved to the wiki. :)

Recommended build order for Trinity dependencies:

tqt3 (replaces Qt3; Qt3 without the tqtinterface layer is available but there is no compelling reason to build the latter)

dbus-1-tqt (Required for some applications) (examples?)
dbus-tqt (Required for some applications) (examples?)
tqca-tls (Required for some applications, such as the Kopete OTR add-on)
libart-lgpl (Strongly recommended to replace versions still used but unmaintained in most distros)
avahi-tqt (Recommended but required when supporting DNS discovery services)
sip4-tqt (Required for building python related bindings for tdebindings)


None are required but all provide additional functionality for a variety of packages.
These libraries must be built and installed before any packages using these libraries can take advantage of the additional functionality.
libkipi: required by kipi-plugins
kipi-plugins: several high-end image viewers such as gwenview and digikam
libkdcraw: several image viewers
libkexiv2: several image viewers
libksquirrel: required by ksquirrel
libtqt-perl: adept add-on
mlt: not required or supported at this time
mlt++: not required or supported at this time
pytdeextensions: replacement for PyQt3 and PyKDE3, and used by apps such as tdebindings and tde-guidance
python-trinity: replacement for PyQt3 and PyKDE3, and used by apps such as tdebindings and tde-guidance

Python-tqt, pytdeextensions, and python-trinity are direct replacements for PyQt3 and PyKDE3. There no longer is any need to build PyQt3 or PyKDE3.

Sip is available on many/most distros. However, Sip requires Qt3 but won't build on TQt3. More than likely down the road, Sip will be dumped or moved to Qt4 by distro maintainers. All of the python-*-tqt-* packages need sip to build. Build this TQt3 compatible version of Sip and replace the stock Sip installed with the distro.

libart-lgpl no longer is maintained upstream and needs several patches to avoid crashing some apps. The version of libarts provided by the Trinity Project includes those patches and is intended to be a replacement for any version of libarts currently installed by any distro. Build this patched version of libart and replace the stock libart installed with the distro.

Regarding Third-party/LibreOffice: This folder contains patches that add TDE support to the upstream LibreOffice sources. The patches allow LibreOffice to use Trinity dialog boxes. The patches have not been merged into the upstream LibreOffice GIT tree, but they work just fine as-is when applied to the stock LO sources. Obtaining the advantages of these patches requires rebuilding LibreOffice from sources.