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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Extensive patching of inadvertent "TQ" conversions

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 00:14:43 -0700 (PDT)
> In case of small and not well coordinated manpower the
> project should think hardly of its priorities. In this project the goal and
> essential priority is Usability. This is about numerous UI bugs and
> blunders, subquality work that should be completed. This makes clear
> direction. Not mere wandering in woods of code. That will put project
> in wrong direction.
> Timothy, please, remove TQ -> Q proxying. This direction
> is not good and sooner or later will be reverted. Better sooner, less
> double work.

I admit I have my frustrations with the TQ layer. We have yet to see any direct benefit that I am aware. But I don't have the energy or knowledge to do anything about that. I want to believe there is a long term benefit and I'm willing to let the issue go at that. For now.

The issue could be water under the bridge if we addressed the bug tracker. When usability is restored to at least 3.5.10 days then I believe users will ignore the TQ debate. (Developers might not but users will.)

With all of the "Inadvertent TQ" patches I pushed we now can say that inadvertent TQ conversions are unlikely to be the cause of a bug. Although, as David and I discovered this weekend, merely restoring the inadvertent changes can still leave a hidden bug --- something that was patched to overcome the original inadvertent changes.

Some of the usability bugs that are irritating people:

956 Kdcop: Fails to run
922 When logging out with unsaved file, trinity does not ask to save it
897 sftp kioslave fails to parse urls in konqueror address bar
859 Kaffeine does not block screensaver
760 TDE exits too slow
714 kio_man does not work under RHEL
657 Can't start KWord or KPresenter from T-Menu
615 KSVG shows only black previews
586 3.5.13 regression: kio-locate-trinity doesn't show any results in Konqueror
407 [Regression] KMail text disappears
258 ksmserver: Logout confirmation fadeaway is too slow with older hardware

Possibly fixed by reverting previous patches:

927 Kate: Can't concurrently run kate with tdesu (revert patch from bug report 394)
756 Konqueror: Does not update file pane with file changes (7 year old patch!)
692 Kate: focus is broken when using the --use parameter (Needs focus patch and special application settings)
406 [Regression] KMail always checks mail after sending 
394 Problems with DCOP After Using kdesu

The SAK issues:

925 [kdesktop] SAK driven secure dialog is not available for use 
906 SAK realization is mostly buggy for KDM 
898 tsak process taking 90-100% of CPU

Then there are issues such as:

640 .kthemestylerc.lock is created in $TDEDIR/share/config
301 Kompare does not maintain a correct mru list
293 Kde-config Incorrectly Creates a Profile Folder in the System root directory
259 Kompare does not always terminate properly, leaving the process running

We can fix these bugs, which would put the TQ issue behind us.