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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] konqueror (filemanagment) NOT saving view preferences in konquerorrc

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2014 15:24:44 -0600
>  For some reason, konqueror --profile filemanagement is not 
>saving the needed
>settings to remember view mode in 
>~/.trinity/share/config/konquerorrc. In R14
>after setting konqueror and saving view profile filemanagement I 
>have the following relevant entries in konquerorrc:
>[MainView Settings]
>  This results in the viewmode reverting to iconview after every 
>change in view
>like viewing man:/ ,etc.. Comparing to my other kde3 installs I 
>[MainView Settings]
>  Which shows explicitly the konq_treeview mode save for the 
>default "ViewMode"
>and for "konq_listview". Without the default "ViewMode" and 
>without the
>"konq_listview" definition, konqueror reverts to iconview each 
>time viewmode
>  Please check and confirm whether have "ViewMode" or 
>"konq_listview" or
>"konq_iconview" entries in your konquerorrc.
>  I have no clue what change would prevent konqueror from saving 
>these settings
>in konquerorrc, but something has.
>  Additionally, the checkboxes that indicate which viewmode is 
>selected seem to
>be missing or covered by icons in the 'View'->'ViewMode' menu. Can 
>confirm that as well? I have Treemode selected, but it is almost 
>impossible to tell:

I always have hated icon view mode.

I suspect the problem you are experiencing is resolved by an 
undocumented configuration change. I know of no place this 
documented, no place this is easily remembered, no place this is 
obviously configurable. Try this,

Open konqueror.

Change to Tree View or Detailed List View.

At the bottom of the file pane, "right click" on any part of the 
blank white space.

From the popup menu, select Properties.

The dialog should show "Type: Folder."

At the right side of the "Type" information line, select the tiny 
wrench icon.

In the subsequent "Edit File Type inode/directory" dialog, select 
the Embedding tab.

In the Services Preferences Order list box, move Tree View or 
Detailed List View to the top.


You also can do this in kcontrol -> File Associations -> inode -> 

Now try saving your konqueror profile.

I always have hated icon view mode.