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Month: February 2014

Request for screen shots

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2014 17:57:20 -0600

We are working on a new web site design. Work is in progress. At 
the moment I will share only that the new design looks great.

We would like some new Trinity screen shots.


* Must be from git (R14).

* No personal information exposed --- keep everything generic.

* No strange or unsual color combinations, no black or dark 
backgrounds and wallpapers.

* Trinity apps only for these images. Certain free/libre non-
Trinity exceptions are acceptable, but only in the panel or desktop 

* Screen shots from virtual machines must be full screen to appear 
as a full desktop.

* Please remember we are advertising Trinity and not your desktop, 
your 82 inch Jumbotron monitor, your conky talents, etc. :)


* We need one primary classic desktop shot. This particular shot 
must be a default desktop, such that all of the device icons appear 
as well as the default wallpaper. Add one Trinity app, but do not 
cover the default desktop elements. I am thinking the default 
screen with the release notes (help handbook) and tooltips dialog.

* A couple more classic desktop shots that are not default.

* At least one traditional, "Look everybody, I have a dozen apps 
open!" image.

Other screen shots are open to your liking within the previous 

Send all files to me through the list or directly.

More news about the new web site design soon to come.

Please forward this request to the user list. (Yeah, I know, I 
should subscribe....)

Thank you!