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Month: October 2011

Trinity Developer's Wiki

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 12:16:13 -0700 (PDT)
This afternoon I browsed the developer's wiki to prepare for building packages.

Wiki: "You cannot build part of the tree with CMake and then start building with autoconf...Building with autoconf from the SVN tree is not advisable unless you are prepared to put additional effort into the build."

Recently Tim commented he uses cmake only for the four foundation packages (tqtinterface, arts, kdelibs, kdebase). IIRC one person said s/he was using only cmake. Should those statements be removed from the wiki or clarified?

In the Project Road Map there is a link to the Cmake Checklist. The link is to etherpad rather than a wiki page. I have an etherpad account but the extra work will discourage other people from getting involved. More importantly, that information should be directly available in the developer's HowToBuild web page so people know which packages to build with cmake and which with autotools. Should the information about cmake and package support be more clear?

The link to the QT3 page for the patch seems old (April). Over the past several months I recall reading about several QT3 patches. Have all QT3 patches and information been updated?

The wiki makes no mention about other packages such as dbus-tqt. Does dbus-tqt replace dbus-qt3? What about qca and qca-tls?

Wiki: "The current SVN code has been recently updated to build with gcc >= 4.5." Does that mean Trinity will not build with older versions of gcc?

There is no explanation about --enable-closure configure option. Why is that option needed?

Wiki: "You will need to choose where you wish to install Trinity (/opt/trinity, /opt/kde3, etc...) and update your path in order for a successful build." I presume much work has happened to ensure Trinity coexists peacefully with KDE4. Should the wiki mention that the expected install location is /opt/trinity?

Should references to /opt/kde3 be removed?

Wiki: "Please adjust the path variable to fit your system." The statement is in reference to building packages, but that statement applies to running Trinity too. Should the wiki remind builders to modify the run-time $PATH variable in accordance with the methods used for each distro? for example, Slackware uses /etc/profile.d scripts executed through /etc/profile.

Wiki: "Out of source building is recommended to avoid cluttering the original SVN tree you checked out." I remember some discussion about this months ago. Perhaps the wiki should explain or provide an example of what "out of source building" is?

Approximate build times are those I posted with 3.5.12 for autotools. Would be nice if somebody posted approximate build times for cmake?

There were several challenges building koffice. I believe the package remains officially supported. There is nothing in the wiki about koffice issues. What are the limitations and prerequisites for building koffice?

Thanks much!