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Month: October 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Trinity Developer's Wiki

From: /dev/ammo42 <mickeytintincolle@...>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 22:34:51 +0200
Le Sun, 23 Oct 2011 12:16:13 -0700 (PDT),
Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...> a �crit :

> This afternoon I browsed the developer's wiki to prepare for building
> packages.
> Wiki: "You cannot build part of the tree with CMake and then start
> building with autoconf...Building with autoconf from the SVN tree is
> not advisable unless you are prepared to put additional effort into
> the build."
> Recently Tim commented he uses cmake only for the four foundation
> packages (tqtinterface, arts, kdelibs, kdebase). IIRC one person said
> s/he was using only cmake. Should those statements be removed from
> the wiki or clarified?
> In the Project Road Map there is a link to the Cmake Checklist. The
> link is to etherpad rather than a wiki page. I have an etherpad
> account but the extra work will discourage other people from getting
> involved. More importantly, that information should be directly
> available in the developer's HowToBuild web page so people know which
> packages to build with cmake and which with autotools. Should the
> information about cmake and package support be more clear?
> The link to the QT3 page for the patch seems old (April). Over the
> past several months I recall reading about several QT3 patches. Have
> all QT3 patches and information been updated?
Trinity now uses a Qt3 fork hosted on a git repo from their own
> The wiki makes no mention about other packages such as dbus-tqt. Does
> dbus-tqt replace dbus-qt3? What about qca and qca-tls?
I didn't build dbus-qt3 and kdebase/kdelibs work.
> Wiki: "The current SVN code has been recently updated to build with
> gcc >= 4.5." Does that mean Trinity will not build with older
> versions of gcc?
Probably not, IIRC the problem was an incorrect construct which was
accepted by old gcc's.
> There is no explanation about --enable-closure configure option. Why
> is that option needed?
> Wiki: "You will need to choose where you wish to install Trinity
> (/opt/trinity, /opt/kde3, etc...) and update your path in order for a
> successful build." I presume much work has happened to ensure Trinity
> coexists peacefully with KDE4. Should the wiki mention that the
> expected install location is /opt/trinity?
It seems to work just fine with /opt/kde3 on my PC.
> Should references to /opt/kde3 be removed?
> Wiki: "Please adjust the path variable to fit your system." The
> statement is in reference to building packages, but that statement
> applies to running Trinity too. Should the wiki remind builders to
> modify the run-time $PATH variable in accordance with the methods
> used for each distro? for example, Slackware uses /etc/profile.d
> scripts executed through /etc/profile.
I do this with the scripts from the kdeetc3 package I posted (which is
derived from kde-3.5.10-from-slack13.0).
> Wiki: "Out of source building is recommended to avoid cluttering the
> original SVN tree you checked out." I remember some discussion about
> this months ago. Perhaps the wiki should explain or provide an
> example of what "out of source building" is?
Example of out-of-source building:
$ cd $HOME/trinity-build
$ $HOME/trinity-src/kdelibs/configure --whateveryouwant
or with CMake:
$ cd $HOME/trinity-build
$ cmake $HOME/trinity-src/kdelibs/
> Approximate build times are those I posted with 3.5.12 for autotools.
> Would be nice if somebody posted approximate build times for cmake?
IIRC building kdelibs with CMake on my machine takes something like
20-25 minutes, but my system is powerful (SSD, tmpfs with 6 GB RAM,
Core i3-350M).
> There were several challenges building koffice. I believe the package
> remains officially supported. There is nothing in the wiki about
> koffice issues. What are the limitations and prerequisites for
> building koffice?
> Thanks much!
> Darrell
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