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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] bug (kmenu->Settings->Control Center) doesn't work

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 13:16:28 -0700 (PDT)
>   Quick update. I removed 3.5.12 and replaced it with R
> 14.0.0 on one of my
> boxes. (configured with tmd as the DM) Everything launched
> fine. (though the
> default tdm theme had the ugly XDG login instead of the
> normal tde gradient one)
>   All has worked really well.
>   However, I did hit a bug right off the bat. After
> configuring panels (menu
> checkbox to show settings submenu in kmenu) I tried to
> launch kcontrol from
> kmenu->Settings->Control Center -- Nothing happened. I
> ended up having to launch
> it with Alt+F2 -> kcontrol.
>   Has this been seen before? If not, I'll file it, but
> it seems I remember this supposedly being 'fixed' already. This is from last nights
> build.

I haven't seen that bug before. :-( When I rebuild my package set I uninstall all TDE packages and then install the new packages. I don't use my package manager. In other words, I'm basically installing fresh each time.

So we start with some basics:

Does this happen with a fresh $HOME/.trinity profile or an existing profile?

Did you install R14 fresh like I do or as an "upgrade" with your package manager?

Can you start other apps through the TDE menu?

Is kcontrol the only app that won't start through the menu?

Can you start individual kcontrol modules through the menu?

Do you have KDE3 installed concurrently with Trinity?

Do you have KDE4 installed concurrently with Trinity?

The default TDe menu is installed to /etc/trinity/xdg/menus and is named There is an optional menu installed in the same location named That optional menu will prevent KDE# or KDE4 apps from appearing in the TDe menu when either is installed concurrently with TDE. Otherwise the default menu will show KDE3/KDE4 apps with a "[KDE]" appendage in the menu item.

So ensure the file date stamps of those files look correct and that you are not using an old menu. The file should be 25,875 bytes in size and should be 16,182. 

With that all said, as you updated to R14 from 3.5.12 rather than from 3.5.13, quite possibly there are some remaining corner cases that the r14-xdg-update script does not cover in your profile that might cause this problem.