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Month: July 2012

gwenview - rt. click -> External Tools (doesn't take)

From: drankinatty <drankinatty@...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 20:10:29 -0500

  In R14, when you right-click an image and choose External Tools, any
association you make (i.e. gimp) does not get added to the list and is
not preserved between gwenview sessions. In the change from gimp 2.6 to
2.8, the executable changed names so I need to update the 'External
Tools' reference. If I go though the process of rt-click, External Tools
-> Other... and choose the new gimp from the menu, "[x] Remember
application association for this type of file", then the image is
launched in gimp, but when I rt-click the next image, there is nothing
in the External Tools for the new gimp. It goes through the normal
"Updating System..." dialog as normal, so I would expect to see the new
association in qwenview. (maybe not)

  This problem seems limited to gwenview as I have updated other file
types in the file manager and I believe that worked.

  I can use External Tools -> Configure External Tools and create/edit
the associations. So that part works. It's just strange that there seems
to be a disconnect with this setting in qwenview. Anybody else try this?