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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Adding more packages

From: Robert Xu <robxu9@...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 11:38:53 -0500
On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 07:22, Ilya Chernykh <neptunia@...> wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 January 2011 09:28:01 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> I will need to see some triage on that list to weed out programs that:
>> a.) Have no use whatsoever on modern systems
> We usually do not keep such software.

That saves us some work.

>> b.) Have been fully replaced by more modern software
> Yes, such packages exist. But only if to count Qt4-based software.
> Indeed, the whole KDE has been replaced... We usually keep the last Qt3-based
> version in KDE3 repo.

hm. Once tqt for qt4 is complete then we should drop the Qt3 versions
that have a Qt4 maintained one.
of course, that could take a while (so... much... hassle... (according
to Tim xD))

>> c.) Rely on old unmaintained libraries with no modern replacement
> The dependencies and descriptions could be found in the spec files following
> the links in the list.

Hm. Speaking of that... I shall finish that list...
Then, when build.o.o is not bugging up all over the place (all my
builds are failing/unresolvable/just not working, which is weird cause
then all jpackage packages would fail too, according to sshaw and
mrdocs o_O), I can take a look at the dependencies.

Now to the list! DUM DUM DUM ^^

kding NO
kdirstat YES
kdissert  NO
kdvdauth NO
keep YES
kftpgrabber  NO
kgit  NO
khtml2png  NO
kiax  NO
kima YES
kinternet  NO
kio-locate YES
kio_ipodslave  NO
kio_slp  NO
kirocker  NO
kiso  NO
kkbswitch  NO
klamav  NO
kleansweep NO
kmess  NO
kmetabar  NO
kmhtconvert  NO
kmldonkey  NO
kmm_kbanking NO
kmobiletools  NO
kmyfirewall YES
kmymoney  NO
knetload  YES
knetstats YES
knfoviewer  NO
knifty  NO
knights YES
knoda  NO
knowit YES
knutclient YES
koctave3  NO
koffice YES
koffice-database-mdb subpkg?
koffice-i18n subpkg?
komparator  NO
kompile  NO
kompose  NO
konserve  NO
kooldock  NO
kopete-anyremote  NO
koverartist  NO
kpl  NO
kplayer  NO
kpodder  NO
kpopassistant  NO
kpowersave YES
kprocout  NO
kradview  NO
krecipes  NO
krecord  NO
krep  NO
krpmbuilder  NO
kscpm  NO
kseg  NO
ksensors3  NO
ksimus NO
kslovar  NO
ksniffer  NO
ksociograma  NO
ksquirrel YES
ksquirrel-libs subpkg?
ksubtile  NO
ktoblzcheck  NO
ktranslator  NO
ktray  NO
kuftp  NO
kvim  NO
kvocabs  NO
kwatch  NO
kwin-decor-suse2  NO
kwlan  NO
kxmleditor NO
kxstitch  NO
kyamo  NO
kyum  NO
labplot  NO
labplot-handbook  NO
libakode  NO
libdbus-1-qt3-0 (this doesn't need to be ported to trinity, still
works with QT3)
libdjconsole  NO
libgmm++-devel  NO
libgpod3  NO
libkdcraw4  YES
libkexiv2-5 YES
libkipi0 YES
libnjb  NO
libpar2-0  NO
libqtpod  NO
librapi2  NO
libsensors3 NO
libsidplay  NO
libsynce  NO
libvisual  NO
libvisual-plugins  NO
mnemosyne  NO
moodin  NO
noteedit  NO
omniORB  NO
opak  NO
oprofile  NO
pam_kwallet  NO
pdfedit  NO
pgcalc  NO
piklab  NO
polyester  NO
pwmanager  NO
python-chm  NO
python-kde3 YES
python-qt NO (but you can still use this with QT3)
python-sip  NO
qbankmanager NO
qca  NO
qca-sasl NO
qcad  NO
qjoypad  NO
to 3.3.8c using the patch on the trinity wiki. Use patch level 2.
qt3-devel-doc subpkg?
qt3-extensions can stay as is
qtc  NO
qtcurve-kde  NO (but shouldn't need conversion, right?)
qtparted  NO
qtsharp  NO
qtsmbstatus-client-qt3  NO
qtsmbstatus-server-qt3  NO
quadkonsole  NO
recoll-applet  NO
recoll-qt3  NO
rekall  NO
releaseforge  NO
richclient  NO
schafkopf  NO
scim-qtimm_11.3  NO
scpm  NO
scribus  NO
scribus-templates  NO
showimg  NO
sonik  NO
texmaker-qt3  NO
thinkeramik  NO
tiblit  NO
tork  NO
tripod  NO
trix  NO
twinkle  NO
umtsmon  NO
unrtf  NO
unsermake  NO
valknut  NO
whiteline  NO
xapian-core  NO
xdrawchem  NO
xsidplay  NO
yast2-control-center-qt3  (SUSE Specific)
yauap  NO

DONEEEEE :D now back to your regularly emailed mailing list.
later, Robert Xu