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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] TDEHW Summary

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2012 02:47:32 -0500
> Now that I have a Mounting tab I can see why we were not communicating
> fully in the previous thread. :-) I'm starting a new thread so we start on
> the same page.
> With that dialog enabled, I now see you are using UUIDs in mediamanagerrc.
> I was unable to see that previously because without the underlying code
> being compiled that caused the missing Mounting tab, those features of
> TDEHW were not working. :-)
> I don't know your TDEHW FIXME to-do list. So please accept my apology if I
> am covering topics you already know. :-)
> * You already know about the problem of retaining the same icon label
> across different physical ports. Now that I have access to device-specific
> mounting options, I can see that mediamangerrc contains mounting options
> per UUID, but TDEHW remains confused about applying icon labels. From what
> I think I see after multiple insertions/removals of the same device across
> three different USB ports, TDEHW is assigning icon labels based upon
> device nodes rather than UUID. You mentioned in a previous post you saw
> the problem in the code, so I'll watch for a patch.

Patched in GIT hash b18416d.

> * Some features of the Mounting dialog are missing, which are reflected
> respectively in mediamanagerrc too. Here are some screenshots, the first
> set from a HAL system and the second set from TDEHW:
> HAL:
> Missing features:
> Generic Mount Options:
>   Quiet
> Filesystem Specific Mount Options:
>   Flushed IO
>   Mount as user
>   Short names

Unfortunately those options are disabled on purpose due to limitations in
pmount.  Reading the man page (
for pmount reveals no way to set those options; if someone bugs the
upstream pmount project and they make those options available, those
options can be reenabled in TDE with a few lines of code.

> * Safely Remove does not work. That is, using that option will unmount the
> device but does not remove the icon from the desktop.

Likely a udev/eject problem; it works here but your previous comments
indicate that your udev subsystem may not be working as well for some

> * Eject does not work with CDs/DVDs.

See above comment.; not likely to be a TDE problem.

> * Icon appearance times remain weird, some fast, some very slow.

Same as above.

> * Does TDEHW poll floppy drives? The floppy Mounting dialog (Unmounted
> Floppy icon) has a check box to mount automatically, but the option does
> not yet seem implemented.

Good question!  I don't have a floppy drive handy to test with.  Remember
though that TDE relies on udev for transmission of all device
plug/unplug/state-change events, so you might be able to find out using
the udevadm monitor command I posted earlier.