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Month: April 2012

Re: Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Resolving the TWin/KWin Fork Issue

From: Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 13:10:14 +0200
On Sunday 29 April 2012 10:15:36 Werner Joss wrote:
> > I'm not going to repeat everything what has been said about it, but I have
> > so far not seen any *valid* complain about the usage of a database server
> > for Akonadi. Nobody complains that Firefox includes a full blown database
> > server. Nobody complains that Thunderbird includes a full blown database
> > server.
> I do.
> FF&TB are slow, ugly + bloated, so I won't use them (anymore).
out of curiosity: which browser are you using then? I am not aware of any 
browser which does not come with a database.
> > Nobody complains that Amarok uses an embedded MySQL.
> amarok-trinity uses libsqlite3, not mysql.
fair enough, you know what I had to do when using Amarok 1.4? I had to install 
MySQL because Amarok was unable to handle my music collection with sqlite.
> then came the point where I decided to have my $HOME as a symlink to a
> directory on another physical partition.
> this worked ok for kde3/trinity/icewm/e17... but not for kde4: immediate,
> unrecoverable akonadi crash.
> just ridiculous.
If you move sockets around, you should know what you do. Given that it's a bad 
idea to use symlink if you could use a loop mount which would have worked.

That's I'm sorry a user issue.
> at that point, I gave up on kde (which was my favourite desktop until then
> from the 1.4.x days).
Please see: you complain about a PIM suit which has nothing to do with the 
"desktop". You could just have continued to use the KDE desktop with other 
software for PIM.

It's irrational to switch the desktop because another product of the same 
community gives you problems. Would you stop using google as a search engine 
just because you don't like Google Mail?

That's one of the thing which I try to get into the head of the people here: 
there is no such thing as "KDE". It's a developer community producing hundreds 
of software products which have nothing to do with each other. Referring to 
all software as "KDE" is wrong and to be honest quite mean.
> not to mention applications which are still only available in trinity
> (quanta+)
instead of quanta+ you can use kdevelop with php support.
> or a fast, simple office suite (koffice 1.6.3) which does just
> what I need without beeing dead slow or even corrupt my data (which koffice
> 2.x has done more than once).
You might have missed the news: there is no Koffice 2.x any more. The 
community forked and there is now Calligra which I have heard works fine.

But feel free to continue using KOffice 1.x which to my knowledge does not 
even support ODF.
> p.s.: all this does not mean I will not try kde4 again at some point in
> future, but surely not before 4.9.x
Remember: there is no such thing as "kde4". You can give a try to the KDE 
Plasma Workspaces or to some of the KDE Applications, but there is no such 
thing as one "KDE".

I would recommend you to give a try to the KDE Plasma Workspace in version 
4.8.2 and also even to Kontact in version 4.8.2. I've heard many problems have 
been resolved in the latest versions :-)

Oh but Dolphin had a major release in version 4.8, so there might be some 
things missing compared to 4.7. But that's just what I explain: the different 
products have nothing to do with each other.